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60/40 vs 40/60 for tinning


So, i got myself a little 150W tinning pot for my irons. Didn't have any bulk solder to load it with, so made my own. Was aiming for 60/40 but screwed up and ended up with 40/60 (60% lead 40% Tin instead of 60% tin 40% lead).
My question is, do i need to add tin to make it real 60/40 or can this 40/60 alloy work for tinning things like soldering iron tips and large wires?

You'd have to run your solder pot about 50C hotter and wait significantly longer after dipping for the solder to solidify. And when you use the tinned wire, you'll also need more heat to solder it. So maybe.

Thanks. Leaning towards fixing the ratio to 60/40. Initial tests were with just tinning soldering iron tips, so not a huge issue for 50C temperature increase, but your point about tinned wires makes sense and is well taken.

large wires are expensive I recommend you solder them with the best solder. Just scoop some out, adjust the ratio and use the rest later. Don't be making dodgy alloys


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