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99,5% Aluminium sheets milling issue

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for some reason i came across a huge CNC router machine, the table size is 6*4 meters. The goal with this machine is to mill aluminium sheets ( 1,5 or 2mm thick). The sheets are kept in place with vacuum, below the aluminium sheets is a 6mm mdf waste board. As these sheets are 99,5% pure aluminium it's very sticky and difficult to mill. I've tried 30 different endmills with different settings, nothing worked out until i found out about PCD endmills. The PCD endmills are coated with diamonds and crazy expensive. It's a 5mm straight 2 flute endmill. It took a long time to figure out the settings but i made it work. While trying this i was always using an oil mist as cooling/lubrication. The endmill manufacturer told me no cooling/lubrication was needed with PCD endmills. So i tried without cooling and it works 99% of the time, until at some point the chips start to stick/melt for some reason and i need to jump to the emergency button. So to avoid these scenarios i want to use some kind of cooling/lubrication but it should be as clean as possible ( read: no oil). I have found some topics online suggesting to use a cold air gun. Does anybody have experience with this? Also i would like to use IPA since it evaporates, but i'm a bit scared about the potential fire hazard? Tips are welcome!

EDIT: i found a thread from a few years ago related to my issue. If it doesn't fit this forum i'm sorry to post here. I was already surprised to find some related info on this forum.

There are 1-flute inexpensive chinese endmills specifically for cutting aluminium. The more flutes you have the more babysitting near machine is required if you are cutting pure aluminium. I don't think the coolant is required at all if you will manage to blow all the chips out of cutting path using compressed air. If the chips are evacuated properly, they will not be cut again and stick to endmill or to material. I hope something that I wrote makes sense  ;D

try a 1 flute (sometimes called O Flute) ethanol is absolute magic for stopping aluminum sticking to tools, it is flammable but so is vodka and hand sanitizer and you don't need flood everything, just few drops will do. For small jobs I just use a spray bottle.

but it will quickly ruin your mdf spoil board by making it swell


+1 for ethanol, works for drilling, tapping, and machining aluminum, leaves no mess.

+2 Ethanol 70% it's enough, but as said by  langwadt ruin your MDF spoilboard


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