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Advice needed for hv scope probes


Hello.  On an auction site I found 100x probes rated for 1200 volts with red handle for about forty dollars each.  Anyone have advice if these are safe to use for voltages less than 1200 volts?  Should I avoid these and get brand name probes?  What are the differences between brand name and the one I am considering?  Thanks.

When it comes to high voltage its best to just be safe and go with name brand or the most reliable source.  1200 V is not terribly high voltage but its better to be safe than dead or injured.

x100 probes aren't just for HV, their 100 Megohm input impedance also put a lot less load on sensitive high-impedance circuits, so can be very handy for low-voltage measurements.
Every scope user should have one, evan if it is a cheapo one!


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