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Affordable lab power supply, 1 channel, 0-60 Volts



while i own a Rigol DP832 with which i could couple the channels, it is just to fiddly and too loud to work with most of the time, especially when i do not need its relative precision.
I also have a cheap 0-30 single channel supply that is just dead-easy to use, but i now have need for a 0-60 volt supply. Actually 0-50 would already be enough, but those seem uncommon.
My current use-case requires less than 1A, but some additional power might be useful in the future.

I know to avoid the absolute cheapy like this:

But there are many supplies similar to that:

With additional fine knobs:

What would be an acceptable device, if possible for a budget of around 100 Euro?

Settings via coarse and fine knobs would be preferred over digital setup by far.
No special requirements about precision.
Semi-passive fan (or outright fan-less) would be great, otherwise a reasonable fan noise, less than the Rigol please.
Reasonable build-quality with no obvious safety issues.

There is a boatload of these supplies available on Amazon alone. Are there any that stand out in a positive sense?

Gophert makes some 60V switching power supplies within your budget.  I have a couple of lower voltage Gophert power supplies and they are reliable; maybe not the smoothest output, but pretty good for the price. 
VoltLog did a video about one he has as well as a post on this forum.

Why not replace the fan in the rigol for a noctua one?

Otherwise, reichelt sells peaktech, may be something, the 6227 perhaps?

I have seen the Peaktech 6227. That would be my *utmost* budget limit.
But that frontpanel looks, well, odd. I would have no use for those 2 USB Slots, and they axed a second knob for those...

I have now looked at some Gophert supplies. They are aparently fan-less, so that would be a plus in my opinion. That might even outweigh the single knob interface. ;)
But i am reluctant to order one of those directly from china.


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