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AiXun T3A firmaware update with Linux

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I ordered a T3A that is supposed to arrive in the next few days ... is there away to update the firmware from Linux?
I found the firmware available at anyway a search here and on Google didn't  return any usuful results.


It might be possible with something like a Windows emulator (Wine or Crossover if you can find a copy), but I'm sure you know someone with a Windows notebook.  It's pretty much a one time only update, and takes 5 minutes.  I am still running version 1.25, so I'm not sure how the current firmware runs (haven't heard anything bad, so I assume it's fine).  I think you can now go back to older firmwares, so I'd do version 1.23 or 1.25- 1.23 was great, it worked perfectly, while 1.25 works the same, but added an unnecessary power graphing function like JBC.  Just make sure you don't have the unit itself plugged into the mains.  Not sure if it's been fixed or not, but someone fried their laptop trying to update it while the unit was plugged into mains and switched on.  The USB power from the laptop is all you need to update.

Thanks for sharing your experience about the formware versions.

I should have better explained ... I have no issue finding a Windows machine. Anyway I have been told the Windows upgrading software requires a registration on AiXun website; I would prefer avoiding that.

I still didn't check what MCU is running in this box ... I saw some post title about hacking the T3B citing STM anyway I didn't investigate better ... I would prefer starting to use the tool instead of disassembling to install pin headers for the dbug port and programming from there ...

In short ... is registration to AiXun website required to upgrade the firmware?

I'm pretty sure I didn't have to register my updater, but that was a while ago.  I uninstalled my updater over a year ago. Things may have changed though.  Here's a link to Crossover.  It's a paid application, but it has a free trial period.  That's my best suggestion.

What's the programming interface?  USB?

I'm not sure if Wine/Crossover will do what you want, I don't think they provide USB kernel interface emulation

I'd put Windows inside a virtual machine and then forward a USB port to the VM.  In Virtualbox this is easy via the GUI, but I normally use Qemu on the commandline.  If you have troubles: remember there are different USB types (XHCI/EHCI/etc) that are normally transparent to the user but matter when forwarding ports.


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