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Aixun T3A misbehaving on grounded PCBs

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Hi all,

Just got this Aixun T3A and I'm experiencing a pretty severe issue. Basically if the PCB I am working on is grounded, some (not all) joints will cause the station to lose connection with the tip (NO TOOLS displayed on screen).
This happens with multiple tips.

Also the handle is buzzing which is... concerning?

I am not on very latest FW, I downgraded to 1.33 as with 1.34 the temperatures are all over the place.

This is brand new so I can ask for warranty support (wish me luck) but I'm curious if anybody else is experiencing the same or has an idea of what is going on?


Touching the grounding point with the tip of the soldering iron shorts one of the thermocouple leads in the tip, causing the station to be unable to read the correct temperature during that cycle, which results in reporting a tip error or behaving erratically. It's the same in Quick soldering stations, for example. This is due to the design and temperature measurement method, and apparently, during the temperature reading period, the thermocouple cannot be shorted to the ground.

That’s not the case though. If I touch ground with the tip, nothing happens.

Only if I touch some solder joints of a grounded PCB.

So are you saying this station cannot be used on grounded equipment? I had that board on a pre-heating station - which is grounded. Are you saying I can’t use it in that scenario? It limits the case use of the station massively.

Also, what is the purpose of the ground alligator lead enclosed in the box of grounding the PCB causes that issue?

I’m still very puzzled.

I think this way you create a loop to ground, which introduces interference into the thermocouple signal.

--- Quote ---Also, what is the purpose of the ground alligator lead enclosed in the box of grounding the PCB causes that issue?
--- End quote ---
It's meant to connect to the ESD point, but internally, it's directly connected to the ground in the case without any resistor.

T3A owners: have you seen this on your station?


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