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Aixun T3A misbehaving on grounded PCBs

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do you have direct experience with it?

Nah, cause you have far more money than me, i hope you can give the testimony. Lol. Sorry for that suggestion. JBC is a way to go fo yoy. Or perhaps metcal is another alternative

I don't mean to be harsh but what is the point in recommending something you don't know?

I wanna buy that. And i dont have enough money to buy it right now. So, i hope someone which have more money will try it to fullfill my desire and curiosity. Thats the truth.

Wow. I can't believe anyone would design a soldering iron which leaks current to earth and malfunctions, when the tip is grounded!

Are there any other soldering irons which do this? It would be good to know, that way I can avoid buying one.


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