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Aixun T3A misbehaving on grounded PCBs

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@Tony did you try plugging in a 3.5mm jack for ESD? I just read somewhere else that an old system used to have grounded tips but as soon as plugging in even a blank 3.5mm jack into the ESD jack, the tip was not grounded anymore. Try that

on the T3A?

The T3A has a banana jack at the back, not a 3.5mm jack. I'm not sure I'm following.

I've been thinking of cutting the ground of my traditional solder iron to avoid the issue but I don't think it's a good idea. It could be dangerous for the PCB I reckon?

A new version is up, have you tested it?

Plot thickens... I believe floobys solution would fix all of this:
Because it all makes sense.

OMG AiXun T3 tip has enough PWM noise enough to make a speaker buzz?!  :palm:
Too cheap china, too cheap on the cable, or maybe they wired the handle wrong.

It would take 1 minute with a scope to figure out this drama.


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