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Aixun T3A misbehaving on grounded PCBs

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what is the name of this pin?

is this a ground pin or earth pin?


--- Quote from: tony359 on November 19, 2023, 04:28:58 pm ---I cannot recommend such a tool, it's pointless. I am really tempted to break the bank, get a JBC and forget about those issues.

--- End quote ---

So here is my problem with the JBC stations
1. They recent had the debacle with silently dropping features
2. Quality control issues where the DDE has splattered solder over the unit
3. "Chang" capacitors on overpriced JBC unit
4. JBC unit with a through hole capacitor bodged onto a SMD pad with tons of flux still on the board!

What this tells me is that JBC has a serious quality control problem.  And they have NO qualms about sending out bodge or dodgy things to their customers.

I got one of the Aixun T420 stations and it is identical to SDGs station, so he didn't just get a cherry picked review sample.  Some highlights from that unit include:
1. Very good quality toroidal transformer (JBC units are using EI core transformer)
2. PCB and internal build are on point, not a single bodge, not even left over flux you usually see in cheap Chinese parts.  It really is very well made IMO.
3. T115, T210 and T245 from a single station, huge selling point, you absolutely need to spend a fortune to get this with JBC.  The prices are nowhere near comparable.

As such I'm at a point where it feels like the Chinese clone is starting to even one-up JCB in terms of assembly quality.

I also very much share the concerns about the temperature overshoots but Aixun actually seems to make firmware improvements based on these reach outs.
Their latest T420D updates have added "temperature compensation" menus, so I assume they've listened to people asking to turn these off.

Every YouTube video I've watched with people who has a JBC station has said dealing with JBC has been an absolute nightmare.

So although your experience with Aixun is not great, it seems to be on par to what you would get with JBC (if not better), not great as it is.
I also suspect they can't fix this problem with the Aixun T3A, so they probably haven't responded because what can they say "Oops we f#cked up".

Anyway, my assessment on the lay of the land.
I don't think perfect exists at this point.

Would love to hear what you ended up going for?

Btw. any chance you could comment on that diode fix proposed in this thread, did you try it and did it do anything for you?

The diode-add across the heater is clamp inductive spikes and protect the mosfet, it's running near max. I don't see it helping with this grounding problem but the TC op-amp is an alien so it might help it a bit.
My guess is it's the SMPS noise as well as crap firmware.

I ended up buying a JBC - Yes, I could agree it's a bit overpriced but... it works and because I am doing some paid work with my solder iron, I couldn't tolerate all those flaws I was having with the T3A and I didn't want to experiment more with other Chinese clones. It doesn't mean there are no other alternatives of course!
I made a quick comparison between the Aixun and the T3A.

Some of my viewers said they cannot measure voltage at the tip and they cannot make the speaker "sing" with their 6 months old station. Are there multiple HW revisions? Have they changed the design in worse?


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