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Aixun T3AS vs T3A

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Could you make a photo of the T3AS stand ? Is it permanently attached with a glue or screw ? Is the dormancy working without issues ?

Is the sponge really enough or do you prefer the brasswool ?

Just got mine yesterday.  Note the mounting screws.

Just noticed the new operation video on YT...


--- Quote from: JHAnd on June 18, 2023, 07:02:54 am ---
--- Quote from: gabrieLL on June 17, 2023, 07:47:53 pm ---T3AS has SMPS just like the old one. T410 and T420(D) have transformers.

T3AS All-in-One 200W Soldering Station Economical Welding Station with T245 Handle
Market Price: US$ 102/PC

• Applicable to T245 handle, meet requirements for soldering with high power

• Compatible with JBC tips, 100% matching with temp rising rate and temp control accuracy

• Soldering station and cradle all in one design, save space, easy for operation

• 200W digital switching power supply, providing efficient power for heating up, rapid heating in 2s

• Standby function, save energy and protect tips

--- End quote ---

Seems the Aixun site has contradictory information:

"200W high power ring transformer, providing efficient power for heating up, rapid heating in 2s"

Look here:

Perhaps they changed their mind somwhere in the process of releasing it

--- End quote ---
Why do you jump to a conclusion about what ring means in this context. We generally use the terms toroidal transformer and resonant transformer, but we only say ring transformer for one powering a doorbell. So, which poor translation do you think matches this scenario best? I would guess a resonant SMPS.


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