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Amiga computers' schemes in vector PDF's - here you can have them all

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For those of you who wanted to do some repairs or fixes to their lovely Amiga ("retro") computers - this info might be very helpful.

This site - - has many schemes of Amiga computers (vectorized PDFs, high quality content).
And if you'd like some more Amiga related schemes, go here: (mostly bitmaps, scans).

Additional, useful schemes, guides and other files can be found at DLH's Commodore Archive (really superb site - take your time to browse its content, I highly recommend that):

And if in any doubt about Amiga power supply related issues - check out Amiga power supply guide V1.09:

I've just found these sites and thought I'd post them here. This is my contribution to this forum. I think the interested users will find this info most useful.  :)

Thank you - I will now dust down my (very expensive at the time) Rom Kernel Reference Manuals. The complete set, second edition. Some light bedtime reading. I miss you my Amiga's 500, 1200, 68050 CPU board!, hacked 3.5" to 2.5" IDE conversion, SupraFAX 14.4/28.8/33.6/56k Modem (all software upgraded over the years, fantastic Modem manufacturer!)

Ahh... The good old days  :(

I've just added 2 more quality schemes' (and related stuff) sources to the first post - DLH's Commodore Archive and Amiga Power Supply Guide V1.09. Enjoy browsing their content.

@ Macbeth: No problem, I'm glad you like it, have a good time walking down the memory lane (literally, as ROM is a memory :) ). Congratulations on your Amiga hardware collection.

Real useful info. I ought to (someday?) reboot my A1000 and I may well need to do some maintenance to it. Afterall it's getting quite old by now.

If you need to repair your Amiga to keep it up and running, there is always SellMyRetro :)


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