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ANSMANN Got wild 4400mA charging power for AA NiMH !!

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I just had a look of the latest catalog of Ansmann products 2011-2012 ..

I have left speechless with their latest model of fast charger..
They call it as Digispeed 4 Ultra 

Those models haves selectable speed about slow or fast charging,
even so their latest model , looks to was made so to handle their latest 1100 AAA at fast charge,
and so it has 1100mA as fast charge option.
But at the AA it does 2200/4400mA !! 

Their highest in mA AA it is at 2850 mA ..
By pushing the charge current at 4400A , they go up to 54% above the nominal specs of their batteries.
Speaking about specs the Ansmann AA 2850mA digital,  are rated to 5400mA  Max discharge current !!

I do not know if by supplying active cooling on the chargers, and by investing at so much R&D on the AA rechargeable,
ended up to race alone, and leading the race  !!

But my advice are that if some one comes near to those ULTRA fast chargers,
he must have and the correct batteries made also by Ansmann,
or else he is in danger to have fireworks in his own room.

All the Ansmann fast chargers and battery stations, they are very well made by using -DV charging , plus microprocessors that control everything, three steps charging for the battery stations  ( large units) (Refreshing - Charge & Trickle ), and two steps for the fast AA chargers (Charge & Trickle ).

Even if I all ready own their :
Digispeed 4         AAA 300/750mA  & AA 700/1750mA
Energy 4 speed   AAA 350/800mA  & AA 850/2100mA

Battery station:
Energy 8    AAA 300 & AA 700mA

I believe that the Digispeed 4 Ultra 
it is a bit risky as marketing step.

If some one owns it, I would like to see a mini review of it .. or just report what happens at fast charge 4400mA ?

That is some insane current to pass through such a small battery! I don't even charge car batteries at that rate.
Who can be in such a hurry to charge a battery. Usually you get yourself more organised with enough batteries to do what ever you are doing if you cycle through batteries that quickly. High powered flash guns can gobble up a set of batteries rather quickly, but photographers are usually aware of this and carry enough fully charged spares around with them to last an hour or two whilst the dead ones are being refreshed at a sensible charge rate.
Standard NiMH batteries do self discharge fairly quickly, so you might pick up a set only to find them low on juice so then you'd want to give them a really fast charge. However these days Low Self Discharge NiMH batteries are available which solves that problem.
I wonder if there are any gadgets out there that can discharge AA's any quicker than that beast can charge them.
Sure, Radio Controlled race cars etc. can consume over 75A peak, but they are not using AA's.
Very interesting though.


NOW THAT, my friends, is a battery.  :D

12V/6000A short circuit/No limit on the charging current

Well there is a good secret that the companies who make all those Low Self Discharge NiMH batteries,
they do not say it to you.

Their specifications stands for environmental temperature of 20C Max !! 

In simple words they last a bit more only in the winter time ( Low Self Discharge ).     
In summer there is no difference both standard NiMH and Low Self Discharge ones, acts the same.

The best temperature to store one charged NiMH are at 6C.
Do I need a refrigerator just to storage my NiMH ?  ;D

High powered flash guns

Its true they are killers, yesterday I was making tests with AA and one 20GN small flash gun ( 2XAA) ,
I was benchmarking two expensive DMM, of which one would monitor best the high and fast consumption,
between every charge cycle. 

The numbers that I got was extremely reviling.
3,2A Peak  1 Microsecond sampling
2,4A Max   250  Microseconds sampling 
100mA   minimum when it got charged. 

20 cycles as that, would make any AA to wake up for good , and get to 40C body temperature.  :)
I did try and a analog Amperes meter (made in Japan) the peak that it could show was just 2A,
Yes the needles are slow, I admit it.  :)   

Found the Users manual of this monster charger, it does advices to use exclusively Ansmann AA on it.
Check the attachment.   

Why don't just wait 30 extra minutes? Charging batteries does not stop you from watching TV, guys! It prevents from having a fireworks show at home and saves big bucks on special batteries, also batteries will have a longer lifespan and you can use cheap batteries with them too.

A good idea is to get dirt cheap NiCD batteries. Two sets for every remote you have. Keep one set for backup and change them when they get discharged, then charge them for an hour and voilá, another 2 months of TV without the annoyance on digging through the house to get some batteries.

Keep the brand name NiMH for stuff like cameras and such.


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