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Any opinions on the AiXun T3A?

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I was soldering on a PCB yesterday and I happened to have my oscilloscope probe still connected to the board. I could see the heating pulses appearing on the PCB when I was soldering with the T3A.

Is this thing dumping voltage into my PCBs???

Can you make sure that thermocouple connected to the outer shell off the cartridge?

What thermocouple?

Hopefully you will forgive me for sharing my own content but it should give an idea of the voltage leak of this thing.



--- Quote from: tony359 on November 27, 2023, 11:14:54 am ---I wish I could, when I downgraded before 1.33 I think, the display is unreadable, they must have changed something there and only latest FW is supporting it.

--- End quote ---

Uhm, that very much looks like a inverted display (IPS normally black vs. IPS normally white). Weird.


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