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Any opinions on the AiXun T3A?

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I see it's nice station, but why there are no calibration presets for different tips like KSGR?
Do I have to have calibrator beside me when changing tips to use the station?

I didn't use calibration per tip much on KSGER anyway. I didn't see much difference between profiles or between different tips with same profile. It was too much work to remember to switch for the little or no benefit I got from it.
With T3A T245 I see even less difference between different tips. Tiny pointy one or gigantic 6.6 mm. Temperature is similar, yet the difference in tip is large as it could be. There exists tip to tip difference but not because of profile but because of cheapness.

Why not to have calibration per tip? It's not required with decent tips as I see it + it adds complexity to UI.
Do you have to calibrate when changing tip? No way. I often use as large tip as I can to maximize performance so calibrating each time would be terrible since I switch regularly.

I suggest obtaining thermometer for soldering irons and check each new tip you get thought. There can be temperature difference between tips not because they have different size/profile but because they are cheap. Checking temperature is good thing anyway just for sanity check.

Thank you for clarification.

What about SMPS PSU used? Is it double insulated? Or do I need to remove Y caps between GND? The GND wire certainly is danger to Electronics since most countries use TNC-S wiring systems without true ground separate from 240V altogether.

I would not want to use 200W 240v to 240V transformer to make it floating.


--- Quote from: cgf5 on October 20, 2021, 06:40:01 am ---I didn't use calibration per tip much on KSGER anyway. I didn't see much difference between profiles or between different tips with same profile.

--- End quote ---

Idk about ksger firmware, but I heard on this forum that in open-source firmware different cartridges have different PID coefficients. I didn't do any measurements to confirm that.

No. T3A uses grounded power supply. Negative si grounded to earth. This is IMHO standard with all soldering stations due to ESD. This is not double insulated power supply.

BTW: You can't "fix" double insulated power supply by just removing suppression capacitor between primary and secondary! If you don't like double insulated power supplies - don't use them! If you just remove suppression cap then you convert double insulated SMPS into transmitter! That's bad. The capacitor does have purpose and needs to be there. Insulation transformer will not help you! It will remove elevation but also it will disconnect return path for noise! You need grounded power supply if you care about output elevation.

Yes you are correct - it's a thing. You can improve performance by "blindly" increasing aggressiveness of PID controller if you know what minimum thermal load is connected. In such case you apply large amounts of energy, and you rely on specific thermal mass of tip in order not to overshoot. That's the theory but in practice you can select safe average values and make compromise. There are other more significant factors to optimize - like coupling between sensor and tip, tip mass and many others. If you want to squeeze maximum possible performance then you will care what tip is present, but you can also get high performance station even without archiving maximum efficiency in everything. That said manual selection is pain and if it doesn't make big significant difference in real world then it's not worth the overhead in my opinion. Ask yourself why all high-end stations don't have auto-detection for tip type.


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