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Any opinions on the AiXun T3A?

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Does anyone knows if handle connector on T3A T12 is same as KSGER T12? Pinouts anyone?
I have an idea to build hybrid station with both controllers.

The T3A T12 handle would be used on KSGER controller.
The T3A 245 handle would be use on T3A.

This is because I allready have barebones controller of KSGER T12 and Transformer for 100W.
I just did not buy KSGER handpiece as they seem to be poor quality, heat transfer to handpiece or soldering tip has play in the handpiece.

It seems T3A T12 handle is way better?

Connector is identical gx12-5 but pinout is not! I tried KSGER handle in Aixun T3A just to see what happens and Aixun was very confused. Surprisingly Aixun detected T12, but temperature was funny and heater didn't work. KSGER has extra tilt switch for sleep, Aixun not. Aixun does detect handles by shorted pins or something like that. KSGER doesn't need that, so that's why pinouts are different and need to be. There is no way that they are compatible. You can find KSGER pinout online and confirm by looking at controller PCB around connector. I don't have T12 handle for Aixun so not sure what pinout is there.

ill have to take apart the t12 aixun handle again. the one i got didnt work so i had to take it apart when i got it. the blue wire going to the 10k resistor was broken off and the green going to the switch inside was also broken. i had to replace the resistor (it broke right at the resistor so i couldnt use the one it came with) i can say the outside quality of the t12 handle is really nice but the one i got the wiring inside was crap. ill have to re solder it all one day when i have time there was no heat shrink on the resistor leads and they were ALMOST touching the other solder joints it was suuuuper close. i added a piece on the resistor but the rest should get it also imo. it actually worked with a 9.6k i had on hand recognized it just fine. the aixun does show up like its working on the ksger but does not heat up.

i also dont like how hard it to to put the t12 into the heater and pull it back out. with the ksger it goes in nice and smooth. both the aixun t12's ive used you have to really push it in there and to take it out while hot you really need something to grab it with or hold the stand down good. and the tip to grip is a lot closer on the ksger ones then the aixun t12. very comfortable handle to hold though.

Well the KSGER has an official shop on ali and if you read their customer ratings on soldering tips they are all great.
Aixun does not have official shop just random sellers, they do not care about quality of the tips they sell, and reviews confirm they are random quality. Not great.

I can justify the price of Aixun if I get just front panel, chinese sellers do not want to sell it alone :( Then use proper transformer to make grat soldering station. I do not need SMPS crap.

Next is the price of official soldering tips, 120W soldering iron should use high power soldering tips. So these will cost easily 150Eur (for 3 tips). Add transfomer cost and you get to the 138 + 150 + 40 = 325Eur Not cheap.

I understand the T12 is not so great but I do not need 120W on every job. An tips are cheap for T12 and reliable if you buy KSGER brand single tips, not sets of tips.

You could modify the Aixun too.  The power supply just goes to a 2 pin connector on the front controller board.  You can remove the power supply board entirely, run 2 wires from the control board to barrel jack on the back (probably 2.2mm or 2.5mmm), then use your bench supply to power it. Just make sure the polarity is correct.  But honestly, the power supply seems to be acceptable.  For as long as this thread has been going, no one has reported any failures.  Just one cracked inductor that may have already been damaged before installation (quality control doesn't seem to be Aixun's strong suit).  I've already said my peace on the soldering quality inside these units, it seems to vary quite a bit, but again no failures.  For anything that imitates quality, industry-standard gear, at a fraction of the price, there are always some concerns/issues.  And the majority of them can be corrected.  That's the great thing about the EEVblog forums!  If there's a little solder clean up, I can live with that.   

As for the cost of the Aixun, 130usd/112eur might be a little steep if you don't want to use the power supply.  But you can also just buy the base unit (no stand, handle, or tips) for 85usd/74eur.  It will use the T12 as well, but you will have to change the wiring in the handle, and probably remove the motion sensor.  So you can still use your t12 tips and handle, and get a 245 handle and tips at a later point.  As for the 245 tips, where are you going to buy them from?  50 euro each is really expensive.  On TME, the common 245 tips are 24usd/20eur, while the long life tips are 38usd/33eur.  Not sure what VAT would be, but it shouldn't double the price.  Unless VAT is 100%...     


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