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Any opinions on the AiXun T3A?

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Hi everyone,

I got my T3A in the T245 variant and I am very pleased so far, except for the price of original JBC tips. Anyway, I read a few posts which state, it doesn't work to plug the Aixun T12 handle into the T245 unit - is this confirmed? Is this due only to differences in the connector pinout, or are the PCBs different as well (a.k.a. is it possible to make a connector adapter for the T12 handle to make it work with the T245 station) ?

Does anyone have a handy comparison picture or other resource for the pinouts of the T245 and T12 handles?



I Broke it Again:

--- Quote from: ttodorov on December 16, 2021, 07:46:42 am ---I read a few posts which state, it doesn't work to plug the Aixun T12 handle into the T245 unit - is this confirmed?

--- End quote ---

That is incorrect.

The Aixun T-12 Handle works just fine with the T3A. All three versions of the T3A's are interchangeable, just plug whatever iron you want into the base T3A and it will recognize which one it is and work correctly.

The only issues with compatibility you are seeing is people wanting to use/adapt their existing non-Aixun T-12 handle with the T3A. If you buy the Aixun handle it will be plug and play. The Aixun T-12 Iron is decent for the money, if you want a T-12 style handle its a good choice in my opinion.

I found the same T12 handle in Taobao - here. It's only $5 but not compatible with T3A pinout. You have to mod it before plug into T3A. Fortunately, someone revealed the correct wiring on previous page. It works perfectly. You still need to tweak a little bit to make the sleeping feature working on this handle.

I've noticed that when I measure the tip temperature of an original JBC C245768 on my T3A with firmware 1.23, the measured temperature fluctuates ~10 degrees C and isn't steady like in some of the YouTube reviews of the T3A (e.g. SteveyG's). The upward swing of these fluctuations is accompanied by the buzzing noise from the station I mentioned in one of my earlier replies. Does this fluctuation happen for anyone else? It's probably not an issue in practice, but makes calibrating the T3A a little more finicky.

Speaking of calibration, the calibration menu on 1.23 seems broken for me. Entering measured values for each temperature point, clicking OK, then returning to the calibration menu resets all of the entered values. In addition, when I entered measured values for the 200, 300, and 400 points, that threw off the temperature at 300 to a measured ~260. Thankfully a factory reset fixed that and I was reading 300-310 (fluctuating as above) when set to 300.

As I was typing this I just checked and it looks like they've released new firmware 1.24 with a graph function. Pretty cool! I hope it proves useful.

I just installed firmware 1.24 and the graph function is useful for seeing temperature and power output. It's accessed by pressing the rotary encoder button while on the main view. Unfortunately there's a bug where letting the graph refresh a few times then going back to the main view corrupts some of the text at the top as well as some of the text in the graph view if you view it again. Turning the unit off and on fixes it.

As for my fluctuating tip temperature, I found that my tip thermometer reads ~3C higher than my Fluke 189 at room temp, so if that offset is constant then it might have been fluctuating -3/+7 around the set temperature. Sure enough, the graph shows that fluctuation as well as the small boosts in power to get the tip back up to temp.


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