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Any opinions on the AiXun T3A?

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had the same idea and asked recently. however the biggest problem is that the cartridge resistance is over double. it is 7 ohms (c470) instead of 3 ohms (c245).

why this? well IDK but clearly they have very thin flexible silicone cable to the handle. so to transport all that power without needing thicker gauge wires. this 7 ohm lets jbc double the voltage from 24v to 48v. and keep the same thin wires. but with more power

the implication here is that at 24v the 7 ohm would need a much higher pwm duty cycle. so clearly the no-load heat up time from cold will no longer be only 3 seconds.... perhaps anything up to 6 seconds? which is then similar to a t12

then during actual heat sinking with a large chisel tip. how much pwm duty cycle will be needed to saturate the maximum heat transfer rate at 24v for these larger t470 cartridge being 7ohm? well IDK! but it might be gimped a lot depending how much overhead left remaining in the pwm duty cycle. for example (these are not real numbers, they are a fiction to make the point). but if t245 were typically 40% duty cycle. then over double to 7 ohm would be something around 90% then? ... well that means there is only 10% higher in the duty cycle remaining to deliver 11.1111% extra power transfer to the t470 handle and heat the tip with higher wattage. which does not really sound worth it anymore? if you only gains about 10% extra performance at the same +24v dc...

so then you would also need to raise the voltage too. maybe the existing psu can be tweaked of modded, to get a few extra volts? IDK. and nobody has even looked into that.

and what would be a sufficient voltage, in order to satisfy the maximum heatsinking under load? would it be possible with +36v dc? or is that not high enough? if not then maybe it would need a full +48v. (or at least 40v?). no idea

finally you might hit other unforseen issues. or complications generated from these changes. so it is a considerable more work and investigations. what might be perhaps simpler is to request aixun for this feature. and ask them to make future model t3c. to support just t470 only. or both handle inclusive t245

Hi all,

Does anyone know where to get an OEM T470 for a reasonable price?
I am using a "480W Adjustable Switching Power Supply" to accomodate
all available JBC clones.
The different supply voltages & maximum currents are made pre-settable.
Thanks in advance,



I just bought this T3A combo from them with the upgraded stand. It's now available.

Looks like there is going to be a new Aixun soldering station soon. It will be 2 ports just like Sugon equivalent.

damn wish i would have waited to order a dozen of them the prices seem to have dropped across the board on the stations, stands, handles etc


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