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Any opinions on the AiXun T3A?

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--- Quote from: Marc007 on May 14, 2022, 06:12:24 pm ---Inspired by cfg5 user I made modification to new aixun t3a stand. I like the fact that I can change tips quickly same as with jbc stand.

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why get rid of the set back wire


--- Quote from: I Broke it Again on November 14, 2021, 02:06:40 am ---Hmm, Im doing the attachments wrong, I'm putting them as inline expandable but i must be messing it up.
936 Handle
Not much to say about this one as likely no one else is probably going to buy one. I plugged it in to see if it worked and that's likely all the use it will see. Not a great fit in the stand, but sleeps right away as its all grounded. Has a cartridge/plug in heater. I will have to see if I can find spares anywhere.

I have the 245 New stand coming even though I don't mind the cheap one that came with it. Also have two TB3's coming, looking forward to checking them out.
I have very little time on this unit but so far I'm pretty happy. I recommended the KSGER stations before but they have really started to climb in price. So far this these stations seem to be a pretty good value.
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I know the 936 is not a popular handle these days, but I use one for threaded inserts. I have a genuine JBC T245 handle for the T3A.  I thought I'd try and get a clone 936/709 handle working too, but based on the images in this old post, it seems the Aixun 936 handle has only 3 wires going to the gx12. Can I assume then that this handle is not a common all garden 936 handle? My clone has 5 cores, so must be a thermocouple type I guess? Does anyone know how to identify the correct type of clone 936 handle to buy? Buying it from aixun is way overpriced and it's surely just a rewire job using an off the shelf cheap clone handle.

Yes, all handles seems to be "aixun special" this is due to the handle auto detection and also because different manufacturers have their own sleep detection. Don't expect other handles to just work. You need specific aixun handle or modify handle from different brand.

All handle have thermocouple and basic 3 wires = thermocouple + heater power + shared gnd. If your other brand handle has more then there is perhaps extra tilt switch (or some alternative) in the handle for sleep detection. I don't think you can easily tell what if what unless you take handle apart or find out the pinout of the other handle from someone else.

Lord Theron:
I am trying to build the Jbc (210) station from clones , so I ordered from aliexpress the control board module, the soldering iron and the psu(12V,6A).

Now I have open the soldering iron handle and I can see 3 wires connected at the end to 3 copper slots and one bridge on the aviation connector.

The problem is the connection diagram showing that pin 1 and pin 4 have to touch the second ring of the soldering iron tip and pins 2 and 5 the first ring of soldering iron tip.

Is it ok to bridge on the aviation connector or is better to order a cable with 4 o 5 wires and solder it on the 3 copper slots?

Also pin 3 it is for identification of the handle and in the diagram it is floating! So I believe that should be manual set up..?

The negative pole of the soldering iron tip is the thin one or the one in the middle?

So, what do you advise me to do ?

Can I ask a dumb question.  When replacing capacitors in the T3A's power supply, is it OK to replace C1 (image attached) with a 200V or 250V rated capacitor?  For use with 120V line input only.

I noticed that C1, a big 82 uF capacitor is rated 400 V and I believe that voltage rating is derived from the max input voltage of 240V, so I'm hoping I can use a 250V rated cap instead.

I'll try to attach an image here so at least you can see what I'm talking about.  C1 is the large one near the middle of the picture.


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