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Any opinions on the Aixun T420D?

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way to much imo. they will come down and prob even with free shipping if given a bit of time. the actual full msrp retail price is only 187.00. i have an order in for some of the 310d's but i have no received shipping confirmation yet. im hoping i will soon though i have 12 ordered (for the shop) but the 110v versions. ill keep you all posted on when or if they ship and ill ask if maybe i can do a discount or something (i doubt it though they are stingy with discounts but i will ask) i am also asking about becoming a aixun dealer here in the usa for the people here. and stocking the products.

I recently posted a full review of this station with English subtitles if anyone is interested. It is the best-made and most functional Chinese soldering station I have tested so far. I recommend it.

Picked up T420 C245 for $160

Station arrived and tips for T245 Seem to have 2.8 ohms resistance.

How has the T420(D) iron been treating you folk? Considering getting it over the T3A due to the T3A buzzing issues.


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