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Any opinions on the Aixun T420D?

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This station seems to be new and it looks like it actually supports all three handles T210 T115 T245.
It also allows for two handles to be used simultaneously.

I found the station here:

The soldering iron holders are the same as the ones on the T3A and T3B but they come with an additional bracket/clip so you can hang your iron.
Can this bracket be purchased separately?

I will say that it's cheaper than I thought it would be.  The list price of $438 is more what I expected it to be, but $329 shipped with DHL is actually a really good deal.  However, I'm still a little concerned with Aixun's build quality and quality control.  The T3A&B were a little shaky when they were first released (especially the internal soldering), which seems to have improved.  The QC issues still remain though, which is overall easy to address if you know what you're doing.  Open the unit before you plug it in, clean up any stray solder, inspect the joints (around the power supply especially), make sure there's nothing rattling around inside, and expect a cracked inductor (and be pleasantly surprised if it isn't).  The handles themselves can also have issues.  Do extensive amounts of soldering with the cheap tips before you use good JBCs.  You don't want your nice new tips to melt down.  This unit is more complex than its smaller siblings, so opening it up and inspecting it may be a lot harder.  I do like that the cables all come out of the back, but I do wish they would've put the power button on the front though.  Aixun has shown that they are willing to support the firmware, and I'd expect this to be no different.  Overall, it's probably the top in Chinesium dual soldering stations, with a good price, and proven firmware support.  But you should expect to open it up and clean and inspect it before any serious use.         

I would love to see a review of this station. I think an Aixun will be my next station to compliment my T12 ksger. The T115 tips are definitely handy for very small SMD components where even the smallest T12 tips are just too big.

It is between this station and the Aixun T3B! I would love to see the additional bracket from this station on the T3B!

Heh, I'm sure SteveyG will be all over this one.  However, if you already have a good selection of T12 tips, I'd say the T3A might be better for you.  The 245 system has the best selection of tips in the world.  The T3A will run your T12 tips, the 210 and 115 tips are kind of limited (more expensive too), and aside from a slightly larger tip-to-grip distance, there's literally nothing you can't do with the 245 tips.  However, I will say that I don't do phone repairs, nothing smaller than 0603, so I don't know if the lower wattage of the T115 is more appealing/less likely to lift pads than the T245 stuff.  So take that for what it's worth. 

Honestly it is the size of the tips on the T12 which concern me the most. They are just too big. I was doing a repair the other day on a plastic connector on a phone pcb. There just so happened to be very sensitive components on the other side. Hot air was therefore not an option. Heating from the top makes the connector melt. Heating from the bottom will most likely damage some components on the underside.

It is possible to do the repair with a soldering iron, however even the smallest t12 tip is still too big for this component.

I have more than 30 different tips for my T12 iron so I do know which kind of tips I like.

There are many great tips for the T115. The issue is that they are expensive! It is possible to get 10 T12 imitation tips for the price of one genuine T115 JBC tip.


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