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Any opinions on the Aixun T420D?

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I think, it is better to have 2 soldering station. When one fail, you still have another

Yeah sure. It is cheap. Btw, tell me if it have overshooting problem like t3a. I read one comment in youtube about t420d have overshooting problem after update the firmware.

Hi folks,

I'm thinking about retiring my rds80 and buying a station with active soldering tips, so i came across the aixun stations. Since I want to stay as flexible as possible, the Aixun-T420 would be the "better" option for me than e.g. the Aixun-T320, especially since it supports 3 different holders. But what I'm not 100% sure about is this strange ground problem that the Aixun-T320/Aixun-T3A have. Is the T420 also affected?


What i get from sdg video is, it happen when tip / ground earthed. So it will shorted voltage from thermocouple to the earth then affect the signal if temperature. He says it better use floating psu

Looking for some active tip soldering station and this one is on the top of the list, what about the handles, have anyone tried genuine JBC handles and tips on it, does it need some hacking or can be plugged without any modification?


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