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Anyone have a ring light that doesn't suck?

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--- Quote from: Electro Fan on October 15, 2021, 06:54:08 am ---Not super economical but a ring light and a dual gooseneck can give adjustable lighting coming from different angles and you should have pretty good light to see whatever you are looking at.  Might not work for all board sizes but probably fine for most boards that can generally be examined with an Amscope.

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This goose neck light is indeed the better choice, the ring light likes to produce a lot of glare on circuit boards.

As for quickly changing the color temperature, you can get some photographic gel sheets to cut up and place over your light. They are simply blue or yellow colored pieces of transparent plastic that go over the light to change its color temperature. This used to be used a lot in photography to adjust the color temperature out of regular tungsten lamps or arc lamps that can't be made to produce any temperature you want, but they could tweak it by filtering the light trough these slightly colored sheets.

EDIT: Also do not use RGB LEDs for this! Its hard to get the colors to mix properly and even then you get a very poor color rendering index due to the very peaky spectrum. If you do want to make your own adjustable color temperature lamp the thing to do is to get both very warm white LEDs and very cool white LEDs, then blend between them in proportion to get any color temperature in between. If both LEDs have good CRI then the blend will also have good CRI

This is the one Alex from Northbridge Fix now sells which he states is similar to an Amscope model (shown in the same video). Have you tried either of these models or seen how easy it is to change leds over or perhaps diffuse? It's aluminum, angled and relativity compact so better than most of the cheap plastic varieties.


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