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APC SURT1000XLI - teardown


So the first one arrived. I was surprised when removing the batteries it was still pretty heavy (it has 27 Kg, so its not a usual carry as you wish UPS  :) )

Batteries are consisted of 4X12V 7.2 Ah in series. It has 2 fans, one is blowing the air in the heatsink and on the other side second fan is pulling that air out.

I'm surprised how silent it is. A Viewsonic VOT120 nettop computer running on minimal fan speed is still significantly louder. Did not have chance to test it toughly, will do that when i move in.

Its not fancy with a LCD like cheaper alternatives but simple and elegant row of leds does the job. However the only bad thing is you get only 2 power cables and you don't get the line power cable  :(

Enjoy  :)


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