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Hi, I take a few internal photos of some instruments

APPA703, LCR metter with basic accuracy 0.2%, 4W measuring, 100Hz-100KHz

Oldschool japanese oscilloscope VP-5260A, 10MHz BW, Excelent sharp screen.

DM-6243 LCR metter, awful blue backlight. "Wonderful" solder joints.

Oscilloscope BM566A - made in czechoslovakia 2x120MHz, huge scope with small screen  :-\

BM344 Vacuum tube RC generator 20Hz-1,4MHz - made in czechoslovakia

UT70B - autorange multimeter


Wow that japanese scope has a really sharp trace. Also like the really long shaft extenders for the intensity, focus and scale illumination potentiometers.

The Czechoslovakian scope has a reason to have such a small CRT. It's much easier to increase the writing speed of the CRT by just reducing the size of it.

Welcome and thanks for Great photos!

Thanks for the nice pictures.

I especially like the Tesla scope. Looks very neat & tidy inside.

Now I know where the green resistors with printed on values - of which I got a 1kg bag in ~1993 - come from ;D.


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