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This is a super cool project which contains a reference to using an external HD enclosure as a project box/psu.  The only reason it even caught my eye while browsing the how-to was because I previously read this thread.


Looks just like a battery powered external HD enclosure, lol

There are plenty of plastic boxes that will hold an Arduino.

The trick was finding a fairly rugged METAL enclosure with room for other boards, a small fan, and a display at a decent price. The included power supply is a nice bonus to put it over the top.


--- Quote from: Time on January 04, 2011, 11:38:05 pm ---Looks just like a battery powered external HD enclosure, lol

--- End quote ---
what did you expect to look like? lol

its actually quite nice for an arduino project as it has knockouts for the usb, power, lcd, and some more stuff mounted to your shield, ie buttons. trimming all that out can take forever to by hand much less making it look nice. PLUS, Dave might even approve as it has threaded brass inserts for machine screws!  ;)

the hard drive case is nice too... you also get a usb to ide adaptor out of the deal!


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