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I just found the perfect enclosure for my Arduino project...

2" X 7" X 10" aluminum enclosure. Includes a stand, a little switchmode supply, power switch, and a USB connector, and it only cost $12.00 US!

Thermaltake enclosure at geeks

It's -supposed- to be an external drive enclosure, but there a LOT of empty space in there!  :)

A bit of lateral thinking there.

Thought I might price one from as that model isn't sold in Australia (that I can find)

And yes, will ship to Australia - via Fedex for only $144

I think I'll have to look elsewhere for cheap cases  >:(


However, if you don't want to pay for the privilege to pay extra because it has the word "Arduino" in the name, there are thousands of cheap plastic enclosures out there, waiting you put a Dremel, saw, drill and hot glue to it to make it fit.

Jon Chandler:
Nice find!  The end panel would be easy to replace with a new panel with the holes you need too.

I wonder if it's thick enough for a 2x16 LCD display?

The page gives the dimensions as " 2.1 x 7 x 10.62-inches (H x W x D, approximate)" so I think most of the 2X16 displays I have will fit. I'll let you know after it gets delivered. I want to stick a 2X24 VFD (plus 4 servo drivers) in mine so I have my fingers crossed.

These drive cases make awesome enclosures if you can cram everything in there. I've stuck a 6-digit TTL freq counter into a 2 1/5" drive case (from the same place) and it turned out great.


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