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Atten 8502D Pro hot air +solder station?


A search for this on these forums doesnt find a thing but when searching for the 858D a number of them come up in associated searches.

    I was wondering if they are any good?   I assume that the hot air station is at least as good as the 858D but I am not sure about the  solder station.  It's just something I would use a second iron.

   An example of one is here.

    Looks like it would run you about $220USD  but I guess at that price you could get the 858D+ and a second soldering station that you knew was of quality..

The only issue with this model is the diaphragm air pump. This type of pump tends to be noisy.

You should be able to do better on price for this type of setup.


Thanks Peter.  I am more and more thinking to just get the 858d+ and do a search of another rental storage place that could have a few weller soldering stations.  They must be somewhere!


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