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ATTEN AT5005 Spectrum Analyzer?

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googling around for spectrum analyzer, i found ATTEN AT5005 Spectrum Analyzer 150K - 500MHz USD430 in ebay anyone with knowledge of this item? i need something for my 433MHz RF design/tuning project.

No experience, but what's the point of a 500MHz specan for 433MHz? You can't even see the first overtone, so you might as well a frequency counter if you just want to determine the fundamental. The price does seem very low for spectrum analyzer, even used ones are usually much more expensive.

whats the overtone? any good reference? i want to maximize the rf transmitting power, so when making pcb for the 433mhz rf, i can see if my trace is too long, my inductors and capacitors value are not right etc, so i can make adjustment to the circuit to avoid to drift too much from 433mhz, is the atten 5005 is not enough for this? should i consider harmonics freq as well? or this overtone? sorry if this sounds too newbie, as this is my first attempt to design such a thing. so i'm looking for appropriate device/tester. from what i know/search, its the spectrum analyzer, and this atten, is something closest to affordability, even its still on the high side... for my budget.

i have another search, portable protek 3201 Sale $1,320.00

the 1ghz version of atten is AT5011 US $797.88


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