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Atten DSO 1060C


Hi all..

Setting aside any copyright issues, it would seem that the Atten DSO 1000 series scopes can't be beaten for value for money..

Has anyone had first hand experience or looked inside to see if the manufacturing quality appears ok i.e.  fibre glass PC board etc named components/chips etc..

It would appear that the circuitry is related/close copies of/  Rigol scope.


Its hard to say.  On paper, Atten and other brands look good, but no one has really reviewed it to see if it lives up to its spec sheet. Compared to the Rigol 1000 series, the actually price between each is fairly close, except the Atten claims to have 2M memory length to Rigol's 1M.

1060C model is 4k memory, 500 Ms/s.

If you buy an Atten, beware the same model number but different suffixes have different memory or sampling rates.

I'd be very interested if someone did look into it and finally put this issue of the Atten's value to the test.

The design company behind the scope seems to be DinYoung Technology Company, under the parent of the Atten group.

Recently, Atten launched a new brand name, how this strategy works with the 'other' Atten scopes I don't know, I mean is it competing with itself or will it slowly fade away the Atten brand for selling scopes:

Here are some facts that are clear:

* Atten sells more than DSO, it has many different electronic products in its portfolio
Rigol focuses on its DSO, and has a few other test gear in its portfolio
Atten's 1000s series models have different memory specs and vendors don't mention which it is they sell, or have one model number and the better model's spec sheet
Atten created a new model line called Siglent that is identical to Atten and is confusing
Atten reviews are not easy to find, even on or other forums, not just eevblog

So, my impression right now is Atten is not focused on DSOs, Rigol is more.  Atten doesn't seem to make its scopes, it just sells them, in the case of DSOs, DinYoung is likely the design house.   Which means Rigol is probably better at making DSOs.
Atten's management is making confusing decisions, hopefully they are not also confused when making electronics.
Few non-China vendors carry Atten, why?

Seems like until we review it here in a detailed tear down, Atten is a risky buy.

A brief review of one Atten brand scope:


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