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Atten ST-862D - Multicomp Pro Rebrand from Farnell (EU/UK)

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Decided to get a new hot air station for Christmas and I have settled on the Atten ST-862D.
Looked around for a UK based retailer and can only find it on eBay, searched a bit more and found it on the Farnell website under the Multicomp Pro brand with the following part numbers:
MP740784 UK
MP740784 EU
The only difference seems to be the supplied mains plug.

It is currently £171.54 on the UK Website including VAT, but I found a code that flashed up on their site for 10% off (17099BB) which brought it down to £154.  Even at £171.54 that looked to be the cheapest I could get it in the UK.

The nozzles are reasonably priced too, I ordered the 3 45 degree angled nozzles.

What is reassuring is they seem to stock all the spare parts for this unit such as the heater element etc.
So even if you bought the Atten badged unit spares and accessories are available from Farnell.

I did check the international sites that are part of Avnet, but I could only find the 230V model available not a 110V model.

I ordered the Atten today from AliExpress however as you say for us in the U.K. this looks to be a great option.  It looks like this is their home brand so they are simply white labelling the Atten unit.  I suspect it’s identical however some tear down images would be very good to know. 

Sadly I seen this after ordering this morning.

very interesting, thanks.

I see that their datasheet lists the unit for 130L/m and not 120L/m as the Atten website.

Hmm that is interesting. You would think it’s manufactured by Atten looking at it.  They either have changed something or literally just labelled it different lol.   

It's definitely a re-badged Atten ST-862D, I have no idea why there are different flow ratings, maybe it's just marketing nonsense.

The Atten ST-862D is listed as 130L/m on Atten's main corporate website:


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