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BASIC Program for Build An Intelligent Serial EPROM Programmer (8052-AH BASIC)

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OK, I send a PM (Te envié un mensaje personal)

Did you read a message today? I sent you twice without knowing.

Sorry Mahechiuk, I was offline for two days, I just answer your PM


--- Quote from: Mahechiuk on September 16, 2021, 10:45:04 pm ---I need to know if SEPROM16.HEX is for 8052-AH BASIC microcontroller and burn an EPROM 27128 (16K).

--- End quote ---

Yes. It is version 1.6. I have it running on a minimal 8052 system. A listing of the BASIC program is attached.

Hello Tarloth, Matthieu Benoit and oPossum

Without more, I want to thank much to the three for receiving your best responses.

They are good and intelligent persons.

Greetings, Mahechiuk


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