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BASIC Program for Build An Intelligent Serial EPROM Programmer (8052-AH BASIC)

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Hi everyone,

I remembered that it was called "Build An Intelligent Serial EPROM Programmer" from BYTE magazine and I lost her a long time ago, and finally a short time ago I found a downloadable PDF file on the Internet.

I couldn't find a program for "Build An Intelligent Serial EPROM Programmer".

How do I get a BASIC program download for 8052-AH BASIC?

Could someone give me a chance to help?



You're talking about a VERY old article, Byte's section "Circuit Cellar", october 1986. You can download the complete issue from , but not the software. I used that programmer until the early 90's and then donated it to my university. I did erased this file decades ago, and I'm not sure that the software in teh oPossum link was the original, but you can ask to Steve Ciarcia , author of the article and founder of the Circuit Cellar magazine after Byte cancel the column.

But please, let me be a bit curious, why you need to build that programmer in 2021?

Hi Tarloth

Yes, your question is a very good one because I can't buy one of the expensive programmers with a USB port for my little money wallet ☹️

I have an old EPROM programmer with an ISA connector for PC because they would not make more PCs with ISA connectors that have been obsolete. Well, I have a modern PC with USB ports and a USB to RS232 interface board.

A while ago, I found and downloaded the same BYTE article (PDF).

We are right; I know this is this old article, y many years ago I finished building a complete module with an 8052-AH BASIC microcontroller and its other components.

I am going to build a new I/O expansion for EPROM programmer.

This programmer cannot run without this program, how does a BASIC program to record EPROM memories?

I doubt that Steve Ciarcia would recognize this article and I do not know his email.

How am I going to contact oPossum? :palm:



I already got "CCSP Info and CODE.ZIP".

I have a question about SEPROM16.HEX.

I need to know if SEPROM16.HEX is for 8052-AH BASIC microcontroller and burn an EPROM 27128 (16K).

Thank for you help


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