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bent scalpel thing for conformal coating removal?

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As suggested earlier, I don't see why the TS doesn't just use a real dental pick/scraper (not some of the Amazon fakes).  My kind dentist gave me a few.  They are professionally designed and tempered for such scraping.

"Shave biopsy?"  I'm too tired to wade through all the Google garbage.  Is that a new name for Mohs biopsy/surgery?  A choice for images of the technique didn't appear.

Shave Biopsy:

That's what I thought you meant.  It is not meant to scrape away under something before unsoldering it.

So if I cut stainless shim, how do i sharpen something so flat? I have a feeling I will end up getting a mangled edge. I thought to tie it to my finger and try to 'pet' a wet stone with it to get a blade (like a fingernail extension).

+1 dental scraper

Not the pointy ones, but there are ones will a short, flat edge. It's meant for scraping with good control (dental plaque must be a lot like solder mask), and works great for scraping stuff off a PCB (solder mask, conformal coating, even scraping down excess solder on SMT pads. It works fast and with good control which is important to avoid collateral damage. I have never gone back to an Exacto for this task.

On my dental scraper, it has one flat edge and one rounded. The edge looks small, but it works quickly.



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