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bent scalpel thing for conformal coating removal?

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Any chance you could post an image of the resistors on the board in question? Want to see if I'm visualizing this correctly.

Well I realized its been too long since I gardened..

I just made it with a larger older exacto blade (probobly 90's), I heated it to red hot for a little bit on a torch, bent it with pliers then finished putting a slight curve on it with some round noise pliers.

When I was trying it before, I was trying it on the sharp triangle tip blade exactos (standard), and they kept breaking. However, this exacto blade had a 'natural' rounded spear shaped tip (semi scalpel), sharpened on only one side.. anyway it survived the hot bend and the tool is good enough to cut into cardboard. I think it will work on the goo. I guess it has to do with the taper of the point, if its too sharp then its tough to heat-bend it.. I need to clean it up on the dremel to get a nice polish on it.. makes me think of reentry vehicles for some reason

Only problem is that its left handed. It would do nice with a sharpen on the other side but I should have done that before the bending, I only had one weird exacto blade.

I am wondering if I should reharden it, or if I should leave it anneled. I am thinking the flex and dulling will not be a problem compared to bending with soft goo?

A curette


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