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bent scalpel thing for conformal coating removal?

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I have some resistors that are 'varnished' on a pcb that when I try to remove, it messes with the text. I got lucky after I removed one resistor because I managed to use a chisel to scrape the remains off the bottom so I can read the resistance value.

I need something like a curved scalpel that I can go from the side of a resistor after its desoldered to cut the conformal coating without destroying the resistor. I want to get a blade underneath the resistor from the side so I can delaminate the conformal coating at the PCB, not sheer the resistor. I thought to maybe try to sharpen a piece of spring shim stock to act as a curved knife but I dunno.

The best I can come up with is to try to heat a exacto blade and curve it, but I am wondering if I can buy a tool kit. I think there are some clay sculpting tools that are KIND of what I need but they are too thick.

THF and Xylene work on the PCB but I have a feeling they will effect resistor text. They are the ohmite power wound resistors that kind of look like they are dipped in epoxy or something. Kinda jelly bean like, but its from a 2000 era design, so its not archaic (miller welder PCB). They solder the resistors value down and cover with goo.

i use a dental scraper they work pretty good they have flat style ones and round tip ones.

Neomys Sapiens:
Tools for Linocut ( Linolschnitt) arts might be a good try.

Tons of useful shapes here:

but I want the blade curved in both driections. Those kits are only shaped correctly in 1 dimension.

Maybe I will try to heat a exacto blade and bend it into a shape, if that works then the 'weird' attachment kit might work.


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