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BEST 853A is this asbestos inside ?

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I just got my preheater BEST 853A and I see heating section is cover with something soft and white... so far as I know soft and white can be only asbestos using to cover heating sections in old days.

I attach pictures is this for sure asbestos and I will throw this aways into trash or try send back into seller or I can use it time to time when not used covered with foil somewhere deep inside of box ?

Looks like fiberglass

why not send sample to asbestos testing center

I would be stunned to find asbestos in ANY modern piece of equipment. Even the cheaper end of the marketplace avoids using the stuff. Its PNG in modern consumer electronics.

It is actually very difficult to identify asbestos fibres unless you are an expert in the field. On many occasions I have been involved with buildings where samples were taken of suspicious looking asbestos like material and they proved to be harmless, and not asbestos, when examined in the lab.

There are modern fibrous materials used in place of asbestos that pesent no health risk at all and I would suggest your unit contains such a meterial.

I must investigate this more because this preheater I bought in China and I'm very sensitive after my friend discovered in his imported T962A SMD reflow oven asbestos and company produced it was even honest enough to confirm all heat parts are covered with asbestos but as they can confirm and try to tell they sold already many pcs around the world and nothing is wrong with this asbestos used nobody die and asbestos is ok only a little ;) So as we can see modern technology don't come with modern thinking, for some companies asbestos seems to be a neutral.

That's a very worrying occurrence ! Asbestos isn't a material considered safe for use in consumer goods. If China has used this stuff in such appliances, you have good reason to be concerned.

Sadly you can't just chuck it in the bin would be committing an offence in many countries by doing so  :(  Asbestos is a real pain to get rid of if you are minded  to obey the correct handling procedures.  It would be worth asking the supplier for comment ? but would you trust their response ?


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