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best mini electric screwdriver?

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I like these electric screwdrivers. The chinese ones with the rechargable battery or lithium, the AAA ones seem to break really easily, but they do have brass gears inside like a old watch. if you are gentle they will serve you well but its easy to break.

I like the electric one with a clutch.
Just don't drop this one on a hard floor, it seems pretty good but its fragile. The wowstick is good for doing mini wire terminal blocks and stuff like that, but you always need use a normal screwdriver by hand at the end to make sure.

The wowstick is also good, I had that one for a few years too and its more durable to drops.

What are the best ones? I see some advanced ones have a tilt control, I don't like this at all.

This is discussed sometimes on the forum but it seems alot of time passed since the last thread and maybe they have some new options.

All I can say is that I have this and it's crap:

The torque setting is all over the place, half the time it doesn't stop when it should; it's also too noisy for what it is. On the plus side, it does charge quickly and over USB-C.

If there is something decent out there for decent money, I'm interested as well.

the one I linked has a mechanical clutch but its pretty weak and IDK how accurate it is, and you need to fiddle with it a bit because I noticed before I added some high quality oil, when it was set to high torque, then set to low torque, it would seem to have a split second region of high torque... might be enough to damage a tiny plastic thread if its crossthreaded.

when I added some silicone oil and played with the torque setting alot, it seems to have gone away. but regardless if you need absolute lowest torque, hold it in your hands and let it snap once after adjusting the clutch.

maybe it was just bad grease from storage

Like, do that procedure if your gonna be screwing down glass.. tldr make sure clutch not sticky

Honestly if I need power I just use the fucking cheap home depot folding electric battery driver (orange black, black decker i think). i think 30$ in 2015 but it works just fine and saved me like 200$ over the milwakee 4v thing. i am thinking no matter what they say using the tiny pen for high power will always go bad, regardless of the brand or quality, its just too small. the gears can't take it. the cheap plastic one has no point stress issues.. you just can't use a clock for installing #12 bolts lol

The miniware I guess is the one you are talking about, seems to have motion control only:

Hard to tell from the review if the ES666 is actually better than the no name junk one I have or not:

I got the mini arrowmax engraver too. I want it for rubber abrasive burrs. Not sure how the collet situation will workout but I have at least some I think will work.

This was one of the hardest purchasing decisions I made. I hope it leads to happy lucky good bless time with contacts

Now maybe a pen drill in the future. I have a dremel flexshaft but I noticed when I got to set that thing up its like some crazy shit

dremel flexshaft :

pen tool:  starfleet with chinese characteristics


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