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So where is everyone buying there best quality hand tools etc etc.....I am sick of low quality crap and want to just but the best made stuff

I have a lot of different ones but if I had to pick just one for general purpose smt assembling SM108 are nice and versatile.

I have a vintage set of swiss/german watchmaker's tweezers that I quite like. Forged and machined and probably fifty years old. They come up on ebay from time to time.

I will have a look around.........I had some great old ones but they have been lost over the years and in recent times the newer stuff is just rubbish......

The last lot I got were some assorted Vetus Tweezers:

But I didn't get them from that site - they are Chinese made and are very cheap when you buy them from China (ebay, Aliexpress, etc).

For example:

or carbon fibre tips:

I wouldn't call them the top quality, but they are actually pretty nice to use. I ordered the plain stainless steel ones but they accidentally sent the ESD coated ones instead. I decided I liked them, so no problem. They are very usable, but at the price, also disposable. You can buy them individually or in sets. At the price, you can have a good set for $10 easily.

I use the ESD-13 a fair bit - these have thin broad tips and you can get a very strong grip on SMD parts.


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