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Brother (possibly also some Bernina) embroidery machine memory cards

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Wow I cant believe I have found a thread on these old odd cards, I have the PE software on floppy, and I'm sure a serial connected card reader and a card, from when i bought a machine in 2013 that only worked a month before getting a mechanical issue that I would fix when i have the time.....
I dont what I can do to help or how much help I can be, or if any help is needed, but i'm here 'if'.


It's certainly a valuable focal point for techies interested in this facet of CNC equipment :-)

Funnily enough, I was just discussing the "questionable" performance of the InkStitch software with somebody yesterday. I notice that there have been a couple of releases since I last tried it, I really do need to have another shot and possibly dust off my attempt at improving things.


Hi all.
So I nominally lucked out by getting this machine on the cheap, and I'm having a bear of a time interfacing with the memory card. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near as electronically-minded as you guys: I'm a CNC programmer, but more mechanically oriented, so this is all a bit beyond me in places.
To make things singularly more irritating, I bought a card reader for this thing, which was one of the Simplicity SmartBox units. Of course, my PC doesn't recognise the USB device (that'd be far too useful). It presents a PID and VID and all that jazz, but I can't find a driver for it (unless I shell out £50 for some CD-ROM from the US, because copying the abandonware to the internet is too much like communism, I guess).
I see that you guys have had some success with getting an arduino to talk to the card directly - has anyone managed to figure a way to use an Arduino as a proper reader/writer for it? If it's workable, I have precisely zero compunctions about ripping the reader I've got apart for the laughably obsolescent AMP socket that everyone was scratching their heads about for a bit to do a semi-proper job of things.

However, before I do tear it apart, I figure you guys might be interested in the contents.
It's marked up as "Great Notions Rev A 04/24/2002, Small Blackbox_AVR_USB3"
The only chips of interest on there that I can see are a Xilinx XC95144XL TQL44BMN0225 F1222764A 10C, an ATMEL AT43USB320A 0227 55618E RH1B2934 and an ATMEL AT49F1025 55JC 0107

Bear in mind that when it comes to bare metal electronics, I'm a simpleton (and that's being charitable)

I'm comfortable enough getting into the guts of most things, but with this, I need a fair bit of guidance

Thought I would chime in and say that I've uploaded the PCB, image dumper and image writer to Github, which I'm sure someone can improve on.
(Pretty sure my clock lines for the flash chip are too close to my other lines and so I had to write at a pretty slow speed :-//)

The final result is that I got this working, although I give no warranties since I only really tested this once with the Kirby embroidery but I'm pretty confident it should work with other PES files.

Really nice work AeroX2!! I managed to create an image.bin from a .pes design from your script!  :-+


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