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"Budget" soldering station with hot tweezers

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I use a YH-833AAA and I am happy with that one but occationally I miss hot tweezers for microsoldering.

I have found a AO9378 MICROCOMBO but I am not really sure if that one is worth the money. Apart from the AO9378 I found only Weller, Ersa, Hakko and JBC offers useable hot tweezers. I would like to have somehing like a JBC AM120 or a similiar hot tweezers.

Is there a option I may have overlooked?

PS.: I am aware that there are crappy option like a ZD-409 or Yihua 938D. I would not consider this tools useable for what i am doing...

We've had some threads discussing this. Once you go above the $50 cheapies, the best setup in terms of value is a set of new Hakko FX1003 tweezers:$240/ and a used Metcal base.

Unless you can find something cheaper on Ebay.

Thanks for the Tip.

When searching for a company which would deliver a FX1003 I found Eleshop which would deliver that Hakko-Tweezers. They also offer something like a Weller-Tweezers clone:

Does anyone know that one - is it any good?

Its not on the same level as Hakko/JBC, but it looks a bit better than the Yihua stuff.



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