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BWD 603B Mini Lab

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hello guys

Im looking into BWD 603B Mini Lab, From what I see it looks like an awesome addition to a home lab.
what do guys think about it? and what is a reasonable price to pay.

On another note I noticed it was made in Melbourne, what ever happened to the company its sad that they are not around anymore.

thanks antony

From the description, its obsolete and fairly expensive for a used item.  You can do better spec wise buying each piece individually: function generator, power supply, both ac and dc and build your op amp when you need it.

These were good value on the 2nd hand market 15 years ago, maybe even 10 year ago, but now are ancient. Better value to be had elsewhere.
Many old timers with fond memories of them being used in their school labs keep the prices high for such old bits of kit.


would you be able to recommended any good
ac-power supply
+/- dc power supply

thanks antony

I'm getting a function gen with my scope so I have that covered.
just dc/ac power is still on my list


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