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Can Dave make a video comparing EBAY OP-AMPS to real ones

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I ordered some stuff from a few places, and in general I feel like a sucker, being taken as a fool, then add shipping and duty fee's, and I really should just stick to books and simulators.

So if you built a factory today, just to make quality op-amps, that have been around for decades, how much does it really cost to make 1 chip, and sell it ? Nevermind shipping

Even just TO-92 BJT/s FET's cost 0.5-$1 each just for decades old common models. That's crazy.

It's all run like a mafia I'm sure


--- Quote from: MathWizard on March 25, 2023, 09:41:50 pm ---Well what about the OP07's on LCSC ? I'm new to LCSC and I see the TI or AD versions are $6.40 each, vs the Asian brand names that are 23cents.

So in that case, what are the copies like ?? I don't have any instrumentation op-amps, and I gather these are old and not too expensive.

--- End quote ---

Got any specific links?


--- Quote from: John B on March 25, 2023, 09:53:08 pm ---
~27c AUD each in 150 qty.
Keep in mind that there's subtle variants of each chip that may or may not be relevant to you. Some of those variants are considerably more expensive due to supply/demand.

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Yes, you can pay a real premium for a selected part with known good offset etc. Same for voltage references and other parts.

You are also paying for someone to pick the part up off a shelf pop it into an esd bag and seal/label it. The cost of doing this along with business expenses are getting increasingly more expensive.

Avoid buying rubbish from china it only encourages them to make more fakes. What is annoying here is the local electronics retail stores are all filled with chinese rubbish as well. I'd rather pull something off an old board than pay for a no name or generic component.

Packing materials are not cheap. I worked out at some point that it's cheaper to buy the cheapest of some part and throw it away in order to get the ESD bag and foam than it is to buy the bags and foam by themselves.


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