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Can I calculate this with Casio FX-991EX?

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Hello, everybody!
Can I calculate this type of equation with the Casio FX-991EX?

----------  * 3 = 9
1000 + x

It's obviously a voltage divider when you know the voltage you want to get and you need to identify the resistor type.

If not, which model can do that?

Assuming you want to solve for X, the casio can do that with the Solve function.

Btw, that equation comes out to X=-666.67  :o

LOL  ;D You're right. I should have switched 3 and 9.

Thank you very much, I'm buying that model then.

I'm old school, why would anyone need a special calculator to solve this equation?

If you use that formula very often, it's a pain in the ass to repeat all steps everytime. Also, for sure you'll make mistakes and need to redo it.
That way you simply type "x" and get the result.
Maybe old-schoolers love losing their time that way ;D


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