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Capture rigol screen image to disk file?


Okay, I've been using my Rigol DS1052 scope for regular analog scope stuff to date and have been too busy to really delve into its larger featureset.

However, there's one thing I'd really like to be able to do and perhaps someone can give me a yay or nay on whether it's simple or even possible.

I want to take the capture data (or simply what's displayed on the screen) and dump it to a file in some kind of graphic format so I can include it in some reports.

Is there a simple command that will dump this data to the USB (even a flash-drive perhaps)?

Yes, I could trawl through the documentation and install the PC software but I figured I'd try to save myself some time by simply asking those who probably already know and can deliver an answer in a fraction the time.

Thanks in advance.

From the front panel, Storage, optionally change "Waveform" to "Bit map", "External" if you have a flash drive connected, "New File", enter a different name if you want to, and "Save".


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