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Cheap "embedded platform": ZTE Blade


SoCMSM7227 w/ARM1136EJ-S @ 600 MHz, Adreno 200RAM414 MB useableNAND512 MBMemory card slotµSDUSB2.0 host/deviceWLAN54 MBit/sBluetooth2.0HSPA5.76 MBit/sScreen800x480 TFT w/capacitive touchCamera3.2 MP AFAudioHandset, Speaker, 3.5 mm Stereo out/Mic inReceiverFMBatteryLiIon, 4.6 Wh w/USB charging circuit
All this starting from 90 €!

Sure, it's supposed to be a mobile phone. But it runs a linux kernel (2.6.29), and with my USB host mode driver, there're nearly 480 MBit/s to use for projects  :)
Only ordering may be a bit cumbersome (one way that should work everywhere: -> Borderlinx -> home address).

Also to the specs:
Android 2.1 and upgradeable to 2.2 in 2011
LCD multi-touch
it has only 256 MB RAM even though it is said 512MB (the version here in Greece)

As i heard from a friend that has bough it already, here in Greece (a bit more pricey 159 Euro) but still very cheap for the specs. He hasn't tried anything extreme with the android but he is happy about the ZTE as a phone, he bought it as a platform to experiment the ARM processor. If i have more news about the possibilities for this phone, i will inform


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