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Hello everybody,

As the title suggests, I'm looking if there are cheap desoldering guns that you can recommend!

I have a Hakko FX-888D so maybe there's even something that you can plug into its "base piece"?
For example, I saw online that you can buy "just the gun part" of the "Pro's Kit SS-331H". I don't know if that's an option on Hakko. It would be especially great not to have another "big box" on the table..  ;D

As per my definition of cheap? I saw the Hakko FR-301 for over 300 bucks which is like twice the price of my station so I was shocked :D Since I don't desolder as much as to justify anything more expensive, my limit would definitely be under 100 bucks for something like this.

Thanks in advance!

You could get the S-995A or S-993A from ebay or amazon (they're cheaper on ebay though) and they both have replaceable nozzles. Personally though (as one who desoldered many components throughout the years) I don't use a desoldering gun, and have no problems (it's all about the technique and the knowhow really). A desoldering gun would definitely make things easier, but one can get by without it too.

You got this one too:
Way cheaper than the other options, and appears to do a decent job (according to some Youtube reviews I've seen)

I looked at this a while ago from a similar perspective/use case, my conclusion was there are three cheap options worth pursuing.

1. Buy more solder wick, a bottle of good flux if you don't already have one, and a good sucker (edsyn soldapult).
2. Deals can sometimes be had on used pro grade stations, covid has probably upset that though.
3. Hakko FR-301

Another option some like if you're after DIP packages without destroying the chip or board is to use a hot air station. Cleaning the through holes is probably still gonna be a pain though.

Constant vacuum desoldering gear simply isn't cheap, no way around it.

For decades I've used solder wick and a plunger sucker. What a PITA! I have a 20 year old sub woofer amp I wanted to recap and knew it would be a royal PITA if not impossible to do with my limited tools. It has 6 large caps soldered to a PCB with a large ground plane. My 65 watt solder iron could barely heat it up. I broke down and bought a FR-301. Wow, so much easier to remove parts!  I have a controller board for a swimming pool heater fail years ago. The 7 segment LEDs lost some segments. I bought a replacement > $280! It failed again, but now since I had the FR-301 it was simple to remove the 28pin LED and solder in a replacement. That would be hard to do with wick and a sucker since the LED package is flush with the PCB so I can't cut off the pins like on an IC. Those 2 jobs alone paid for the FR-301. If you have one you will use it more than you think because it will be so much easier to remove parts.


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