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Cheap T12 clone soldering stations

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--- Quote from: union7 on January 08, 2023, 07:16:05 pm ---Your T12-942  has a much deeper box than the one I currently see on Amazon... any idea why?

(Maybe at the time they were just using the boxes for other models that needed room for a power supply?)


--- End quote ---
Wow, those are Amazon T12 soldering stations are very expensive, do yourself a favour and take on Aliexpress, there that we typically less than half the Amazon prices, ok you will have to wait a week or two before you get it, but well worth the wait, I have 2 of the T12-952 versions, nice bit of kit.

sorry to dig up this old post.
But I have a
T12-M8 hand piece.
This has 4 wires
pin1=Green / pin2=Red / pin3=White. / pin4=black
There is no numbers on the hand piece. Only one mercury s/w soldered to one of the pins
It has a 4 pin connector. At the unit end. But on the handle end there are only 3 pins.
All the wires are broken free. And Im trying to figure out what order to solder them back on.
I can find a lot of usefull info on how to wire the 5 Pin version on this post and other places online. But little or no info on the 4 pin.
At best were some pics for the 4 pin handle on the link above.
My exact model is QUECOO 4pin T12-M8

Ps: Found this


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