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Chroma Video Pattern Generator


luis garcia:
this is about Chroma Video Pattern Generator (model 2327). It was made by ChromaAte in Taiwan. It has been discontinued lately, although ChromaAte continues to build instruments.
My question, for any of you that may have any experience with this tool, is about the PCMCIA slot.
I own the manual but it is not a good manual. It does not explain possible errors that may happen.

The problem is it does not recognize any card y place on the PCMCIA slot. I have tried a genuine PCMCIA flash memory and two CompactFlash-to-PCMCIA adapters.
It is unable to format cards or read any card I put in the slot. I have tried to format with FAT and FAT32. The internal tool formating option only says; "format error".

Does anyone have any experience with this generator and the pcmcia in particular?


luis garcia:
The people at Chromaate has responded to my answer! They claim the only PCMCIA card that works is a SRAM card, not a flash card. It happens that these are pretty expensive (about 300 USD a mere 2MB card).


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