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Controller for Weller RT Tips, a cheap solution



More and more I needed a soldering iron for smt work - Google doesn´t bring the results I´ve hoped for, a cheap solution..
At work, I´ve got a complete Weller WX-2 Enviroment, with wrmp iron, the tweezers, a 200w iron and the wmrp for the direct heating RT tips.
Works best but the price... :(
Station and handle will cost appx 700€, way too much.
While the RT tips are quiet affordable...
For some reason I´ve looked for new tips for work and stumble over several articles on how to use the RT tips without the weller station...Fascinating.
There are some projects outside, I was starting to gather more information about.
And then...
Saw an offer in ebay, a complete controller for the RT tips... :D
Without holder and cable but when you ask the guy, it will be delievered with the controller - In my case without more costs. :)
After only 3 days the package arrived.
The controller in a very tiny, 3d-printed housing, the holder and the cable for connecting the RT-tips to the controller.
Additionally, a 12V/4A supply is needed, I got one at home.
Grab some RT-tip types from work, test it....Works good ! :-+
Controller software is very simple, you can adjust the desired temperature and that was it, no memory places or anything else.
But I don´t need anything more, just wanting to solder something.
This thing costs about 70€ incl. shipping - 10times less than a weller original, plus a 12V supply and 20..27€ for every RT-tip you need.
OK, building quality is not top of the edge, the standby function could be more polished (just a uninsolated cable)....but hey, the price is hot.
I´m quiet confident with it. :)



Also he offers a "handheld" version:

second link

Pics see attachments.

Seems good. I have built one according to this:
Works just fine. F*ck overpriced weller stuff though..

I bought one too and it does the job. I added an old weller stand, external power supply and two 3.5mm jack audio (all for 0 buck) so less than a JBC (NT115, 210) clone in Alli.



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