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FYI: I initially made an error posting to multiple Groups, and I was banned as a spammer. Fortunately Dave can see I am trying to make a positive contribution to the community and I am unbanned for the second time. Sorry about that. Please don't report as spam.


I would like to discover the forum members interest in obtaining a Greenlee-style, bolt actuated D-shaped punch and die set for a 3/8" female BNC connector. I am also planning on supplying a D-shaped punch set for female SMA panel mount connectors, in a different style. These D-shaped punches prevent the female panel mount connector from twisting when you make the cable connect.

These punch sets are NOT heretofore commercially available.

We will call these D-shaped punches the "Perdix Punch."

Cost will be approximately $325 plus Colorado tax and shipping costs. This is pricey, but if you are interested in quickly making a D-shaped hole in the front or rear panel for your project, and not do a Mickey Mouse job with a file, this punch is for you! If you want your projects to reflect your own skill & professionalism, you will use the proper D-shaped holes that prevent your BNC or SMA connector from twisting in the front or rear panel when you make the cable connect. (How embarrassing!)

The Perdix Punch will be capable of making a D-shaped hole in at least 0.050" thick aluminum, such as the Bud general use boxes. I will test the prototype on thicker aluminum found in other packaging.

To calibrate you, the Greenlee D-shaped punch (1/2") is $308.28 from This D-shaped punch is too big for BNCs.

Once I get enough interest in the form of emails from members with contact information, I will send you a description of the prototype punches and expected delivery times. This project requires a significant outlay of coinage to make it work, and I am depending on Dave's Forum members to push this project over the finish line. I need about 50 verbal commits to purchasing the Perdix Punches before I contact the US manufacturer and start the project.

The D-shaped hole dimensions are attached, as well as a picture of the Greenlee-style punch and die. Greenlee is NOT involved with this project.

No decision about any sort of guarantee. People being @$$holes will buy the punch, use the bejesus out of it, then return claiming a defective product. If you know how to handle this situation please feel free to comment.

Finally, I am still trying to be a physicist, so I will be continuing to write proposals to unsympathetic Government agencies and commercial companies. The Perdix Punch project will be fingered-into my other Perdix projects.

Thank you!
Kenn Arnett
Perdix, Inc.
Boulder, Colorado
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Well a big reason why these punches are so useful is because they don't make too many chips for modifying an enclosure. A big problem with 'serious' engineering mods is that you have pretty strict rules about having foreign materials inside of an enclosure.
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